Monday, June 28, 2010

The Beach

     Oh the beach.  We just got back from three days at the beach.  Now I am not a beach girl.  I don't like the sand all over everything and I am not all about the ocean.  I am a swimmer just not in the ocean to many waves.  But I go to the beach for my family and I do enjoy it.  This was a good trip.  O is getting old enough that he can enjoy it.  I sucked it up this year and took O into the ocean swimming.  We went way out and jumped the waves.  He had a great time.  We  made sand castels and dug big holes.  Rob did most of the digging.  The first night we were at the beach O went walking to look for shells.  It was only a matter of minutes untill he found two shells and said they were for Grandma Mucci.  Now she told him a couple of days before the trip that she wanted two shells.  I could not believe that he remembered.  O had a great time and so did I. 
     Now B, he just hung out.  We made the wagon into a little bed for him when he was sleeping.  B did seem to like the pool, he would splash and smile when he was in it. I think over all it was a great family trip.

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