Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a wonderful day!

   I have been really busy this week. Not sure why, I just have been.  This week has really let me look back on Easter Sunday and remember what a wonderful day it was. 
      It was a day that we did nothing but family, and I don't even mean extended family, just our little family.  Now the grandparents live close, but they had different plans for the day and it left us with just ourselves and we did not really have much planned to do.  It turned out to be one of the best days we have had in a while!!

     We stared the day off with Easter baskets!
  It was Little B's first Easter so it was a fun one just to watch him.   We had a great breakfeast, and then it was time to color Easter eggs.  Now that is a challege!  Both boys wanted to help, so we had a few spills.

   But over all we had some good colored eggs!  We then went to the Naval Acadamey for the Easter egg hunt.  It was a gorgous day and the grounds were beautiful.  I love tullips and they were in full blume. So the pictures were taken of  my handsome sons.

  O did not get any eggs in the hunt.  He ran out into the field but then freaked out about all the kids and just wanted daddy.  The good thing was, that I don't think he realized what he was missing.  So off we went home.

   We spent the rest of the day just playing in the back yard.  Yes I did have cleaning to do and yes I did need to wash laundry, but the weather was perfect and the boys were having such a great time that everything that needed to be done could wait.  We just  did nothing but play, blow bobbles and hang out  on the deck.

  It was one of the best days we have had in a while.  It really opened my eyes to the articles I have read about just living life and going with the flow.  Not planning every minute and letting our family be a family.  Doing what comes to mind at that moment.  Now I still have to say I love our family trips and activities that we do, but this was one of our best days and all we did was stay home.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let the weaning begin

    So it has started.  The doctor gave us the ok, since Little B has some food allergies we needed to know what to wean him to, we have started to wean.   I am ready, now I am not sure that Little B wants to, but I am done.  So this last two weeks we have been working on it.  I am taking it slow for me.  Letting my body get use to making less milk.  Little B is getting use to it also.  He does not mind the rice milk and seems to take a sippy cup now much better.
    The hard part for me is how to have a soy and dairy free house.  Now O and I can do soy but to cut out soy and dairy has been a challenge.  I also have found that Little B is a picky eater.  That may be becuase his belly hurts when he eats the wrong things.  It is a challenge and right now he seems to eat only 5 or 6 things.  Now I am still working on learning how to cook dairy and soy free.  It seems like everything has soy in it, so now I have to really make things from scratch.  I will have to say for his birthday I was able to make a dairy and soy free cake, with diary and soy free frosting.
   So my work is cut out for me.  To wean my baby and figure out what I am going to feed him and how to mange the meals in my house. 

My friends if you have any good hints for my or any recipes that our soy and dairy free please pass them my way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writer's workshop : What will they be?

   So this weeks prompts were great, as usual.  I chose to write about prompt number to since I find is fitting for my mind frame lately.

2.) Based on their personalities, what do you think your children will be when they grow up?

    I have really been thinking about this lately, for what ever reason I don't know.  But I just want to know what I think the boys will do with their lives.  I have mostly been thinking about it with O since little be is a little young I don't know what he might do.  But O, he has a personality that shines builder or construction.  I think he is going to do something with his hands.  I think he is going to go into a field where he is building something.  He loves his wood.  He even got wood for Christmas and that was the best gift for him.
We have wood in every car, in the back yard, in our workroom and our living room.  O is always building something or fixing something.  He has his own workbench, which you can see in the picture, with tools and sanding blocks. 
    Every Friday my husband takes O to visit his granddad at the workshop that he is building a boat at.  O loves it.  He "helps" out, well as much as a 4 year old can help.
   O just loves his wood.

  He will also build castles in his sand box and houses using his blocks.  He "fixes" the roof on his playhouse.
I will not be surprised when he grows up and decided to go into a field where he is building something.  I am not sure what but building.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens in the future!
My friends what do you think your little ones will do when they grow up?

Mama’s Losin’ It

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One year

   A year ago yesterday my life changed.  I went from a working mom of one to a stay at home mom of two.  Two boys to get right to the fact.  Two wonderful, sweet boys.  Yes that is right, Little B is one!

   He is one.  It feels weird to say it.  One.  I look at him now and I am amazed at how much he has grown and changed.  As much as I still see him as that little baby I brought home a year ago.

I can see the little boy he is going to become.   He is a lover of plans.  He points them out as the fly over head.  Balls are his passion.  He loves to chase them and roll them.  Like his brother, he loves the outdoors.  It was just today when I said "want to go outside" that he came crawling over as fast as he could to get his coat on.  Wow my baby is not a little baby any more.

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Day!

     Yesterday was opening day for O's baseball league.  There were no games, funny how they called it opening day, but a parade and lots of games.  What was nice was that they had games for the big kids and then the same games for the little ones to.  Now this was all new for O so of course we had a hard time getting him in the uniform.
Thank goodness Grandma showed up and was able to get the boy's socks on so we could get out the door.

  Once we got there he warmed right up and jumped in on the activities.

Wow he looks like such a little baseball player, or I should say wow he looks so big!

The team has this really neat banner to carry in the parade and hang at their games.

The parents that can do this are much better than I am.  I am very glad I did not volunteer to do the banner.
Once we were finished doing the activities it was time to line up for the parade.  So I left O with the coach on a field filled with coaches and kids hoping that I would see him walking with the coach in the parade.  I even told O to stay right with Coach Tim and don't leave his side.  He listened because that is his little head sticking up from the banner right next to Coach Tim.
   The weather did seem to hold off so we could get everything in.  There were periods of rain but nothing very hard or very long.  At one point I did get worried though.  So Little B, who had been riding along on daddy's back, found a place under the bleachers to stay dry.
   I think one of my most favorite times of the day was when we went to pick up O from the parade he came running up to his daddy's arms and there was Dad holding both is boys, one on his back and one on the front.

You have to love opening day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the season begin

    Now that O is 4 he is old enough to play sports!  Now I am not one to push things on him and I had a hard time really decided weather or not to put him on a sports team at such a young age, but I decided to go with it.  I manly did it so that he could meet some children his own age that live right around us and that could be going to school with him.  I wanted him to make some neighborhood friends to keep him company.

   I was not sure how he was going to do, he does not like new things or anything he is not sure what it is.  As you can see in the picture the first practice he kind of hung to the back of the pack.  But that did not last long.
He was ready to play and seem to be enjoying himself.  To my surprise he really seems to like it and is doing well.  Learning to through and catch, which he is not so good at yet, and even hit the ball.

He is doing well and always seems to be with it and watching what is going on.

And look at this face, does it not just say "I am having fun!"  What more can I say.

The coach is great too.  He take his time and works with each kid.  O really likes Coach Tim which is another big thing too.

He is becoming such a little boy and the fact that he is playing a sport makes him even bigger in my eyes.  I am glad we signed him up.  He seems to like it and is asking every day if he has Tball practice.

Opening Day is tomorrow!  I know he does not know what to think.  He has already expressed that he does not want to wear his uniform but I think once he gets it on and gets there with all the kids he will have just as much fun as he has had at the practice.  Now if the rain will just hold off till the afternoon so we can get the parade in.