Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yes, he has taken his first steps.  It was just the other day and both Rob and I were lucky enough to be there when he did it.  It was cool. 

  Now he has not really tried since.  Well until today, so I thought it was a fluke.

He would much rather crawl from place to place.  He does like to stick with what he knows.

   He has taken those first few steps just before he turns 14 months.  Now O was walking at 9 months so Little B felt like he has taken forever.  I have not rushed him, because I know that my life is about to change as he gets better at walking.
But what can a momma say when her baby takes his first steps.  I am so excited for him.  He is getting so big, and look how cute he is.  Who can't love a face like this?  He is my big boy learning to walk.

Yeah Little B!!!  Mommy loves you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new chapter in our lives.

     When my baby boy was born 13 1/2 months ago, his first meal was my breast milk. Now 13 1/2 months latter he has moved on to rice milk and solid foods.  Yes I made it 13 1/2 months!  I can't believe it.  That is a lot for me.  I nursed O for a year, but buy his first birthday he was weaned so this extra 6 weeks was a big deal for me.

     I am not one to push nursing, it works for our family and is what is best for my boys.  But I don't really like it or enjoy it.  I don't hate it, otherwise I would not have made it 13 1/2 months, but I don't love it either.  So I am happy to say that I am getting my body back.  It will finally be mine again and I will not have to support any other living soles with it, well unless baby number 3 comes.  I can now eat what ever I want.  I only have to worry about my own food allergies when feeding myself and not the food allergies of another living soul. 

This has also started a new chapter in our lives.  This means that my baby is getting bigger and is now old enough to not need mommy quit as much.  He is becoming a toddler.  I was completely surprised at how easily he weaned and when I cut that last feeding out he did not seem to mind.  He is getting to be such a big boy.  I am going to have to learn to say that I am a mother of a preschooler and a toddler.  Where has the time gone?

  Just look at my "baby" pushing his firetruck.  He is no little baby anymore.  What is this momma going to do?  This is to the start of the new chapter in our lives!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A thankful mother

    My Mother's Day was great.  I enjoyed myself, the day and my family.  But Mother's Day always gets me thinking, now that I am a mother, of how lucky I am to be a mother.  This year it really hit home.  One of my college roommates has recently lost her unborn child and I was not sure how she was taking this day.  It just made me stop to think that I am so grateful of my boys.

I am grateful that they have been given to me.  That I get to raise them and care for them and meet their needs.  I am the one that the turn to in need and look for encouragement from.  It is me that they hug and kiss and call for in the night.

I am grateful for their health.  For the most part they are healthy happy boys.  There are some food allergies and a little unknown issues with their digestive track, but this is all  minor.  They are healthy, growing boys.  No big problems!

I love that you both seem to love each other.  Now there are the little fights and screaming fits, but for the most part you both love each other.  I know by the look on Little B's face when O is the first one to open the door in the morning.  I you love each other when O runs up and gives you a hug.  I know you love each other when you both are playing together in your power wheels.  I am grateful for the opportunity to teach you to love each other.

I am grateful that O has become a team player and is enjoying playing Tball.  The fact that he is learning how to work with others and really seems to enjoy it make me happy.  I also want to instill fitness into his life and make it a way of life.  I am grateful that it seems to be working.

I am grateful to be blessed with two wonderful little boys.  There are so many women in the world that long to be mothers and can not, and there are those who have lost their little ones and making this day a hard one.  I am grateful to have my babies with me and I don't want to take any minute for granted.  I love them!