Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A day on Grandma's Boat!!

   Let me start with some background to go with this post.  As a child I grew up on a 27 foot sail boat.  Now I should say that we spent summers sailing on the boat, we did have a house.  But our family vacations were on the sail boat.  My lovely hubby grew up working on his father's crabbing boat.  His family work the waters for a living.  So we both have a love for being on the water and want to instill that love in our children.

  When we got married we owned a 24 foot power boat.  It was great for days out running about on the water, pulling a tube or a skier.  It was fun times.  I will have to say that when O came into the picture it was just difficult.  There was no place to put him to get him out of the sun and it was difficult with a life jacket.  The boat was also needing more and more repairs so we were just dumping money into it, that is the way it goes with boats, and not getting any enjoyment out of it.  So we sold it in hopes of getting a more family friendly boat that we could do some cruising on.  Well that did not happen.  I got prego with Little B and there went our hopes of a boat.  We just were not going to be able to take on a boat payment as well as paying for the gas and slip rent.  It had to go on hold.

  So with all that being said we try and go out with my parents on their boat at least once a summer.  We just go out for dinner and a swim but it is still fun.  This year was great!  O is getting bigger and can now understand more and enjoy it so much more.  He is getting more comfortable with going fast; they no longer have a sailboat but a power boat.  In the past once my father would get the boat moving O would just cry.  But know he is either sitting with his Grand D, watching where we are going.

Or watching the bubbles that are behind the boat.

Once we got anchored  and changed into our swim suits the fun really began. O discovered how much fun a boy can have jumping off the boat.

and there was no turning back.  He would jump and then swim to the ladder to climb back up to do it again and again.  It was so fun to see the joy in his face as he climb up for more.

Little B enjoyed the swimming also, although we did not have him do any jumping.

It was a great family day on the water.  I think that even though we don't have a boat of our own we are still teaching our children to love the water.  One day we will have a boat for our family to use and enjoy.  It will come when the time is right but for now we will just enjoy the time on the water when we can.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fourth of July

  This is a time where we get to spend a day with the family!  The fourth is always a weekend for us, we spend one day with my parents and then the fourth with the in laws.  I save the day with  my parents for another post, it was fun!

The fourth was also fun.  It is great to get together with family.  This family has really grown over the years.  Now my hubby has just one sister and she does not have any children, but  he grew up living next store to his cousin which seemed like a brother to him.  Well that cousin has three children, so our children get to play together like first cousin.

There were crabs to eat:
Water slides to go down:

water to pour on others: 

and pop rocks to be popped:  The boys loved doing this, which I was surprised about since O does not like loud noises.

There were water cannons to figure out

Balls to be played with:

And swings to swing on

Then it was time for so fireworks! 

Never Fails O does not surprise me, even with his earmuffs on he still flipped out.  But he did calm down and sat to watch the fireworks with Grandma and his two cousins.
Then it was home we went.  Since we forgot the sparklers with took a minute to light them up before we went to bed

Yep it was a good time.  It is always fun to watch the boys play with their cousins.  I will have to say this was a good day to put into the books.