Thursday, July 15, 2010


     I would have to say that I have not been working on a blog for very long, since this is my first blog and I started it back in May, and I have been working very hard to learn how to do different things to make my blog interesting and eye catching.  So today I finally got a button for my blog and I think it works.  Now this has taken me some time to do, mostly because I kept getting sidetracked with other things.  I feel like I am on my way to having a successful blog that people may like to read!! Go me.  Not only have I figured this out but today I got an email from a company about reviewing their product and hosting a give away.  So now I really think I am on my way to success.  I am not ready to say who the company is or what the product is but I am excited about the opportunity to try yet something else that is new and figure out how to add a give away to my site.  I am also excited about the product, it looks like something that is right up O's alley and is going to enjoy.  Stay tuned for that. 
     I am just happy with myself and the fact that I seem to be figuring out something new that is challenging me.  I just have to learn how to mange my time so that I can work on this as well as take care of my boys, clean the house, make dinner, go on play dates, go on adult dates and give find time to take care of my self.  Well that is really what this blog is all about.  So hopefully I really did get this button to work and I don't have to write about the fact that it doesn't in a later post.  Please if you are reading this check it out and don't be afraid to bust my bubble and let me know that it is not.  I want to fix it if I can or just take it off till I can get it done right.


A Masters and a Mom

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  1. Yay! It's exciting when someone actually contacts you to review their product, isn't it?