Monday, July 19, 2010

Cloth Diaper Mommies Please help

So I decided that with B I was going to use cloth diapers, and I am glad I did.  Not only am I saving money but there has been no but rash at all.  The few times that I have used disposables I have had a red but baby so the cloth are a big hit in my house.  I currently use Softbums and that is all I have.  I am very happy with them, but I want to try so others too.  I have been shopping around, on the Internet since there are no stores that carry a large variety of cloth diapers, looking at the different kinds and brands.  I think I have shopping carts in about 4 different stores with diapers in them waiting for me to decide which ones to buy.  I can't buy them all, so I am calling out to mommies who use cloth diapers.  What diapers do you use?  Which ones are your favorite?  My little B seems to be a heavy wetter so I am looking for a good diaper for that.  I would also like a good daddy friendly diaper that he can use without even thinking, I love him.  What is a good over night diaper?  So I can't wait to see what the cloth diaper mommies out there suggest.

Thanks for your help,


  1. I can't wait to see your findings, as I am also very interested in making, at least, a part-time switch to cloth diapers. I have heard good things about mother-ease cloth diapers, so I am considering purchasing a pack from online. When I do, i'll let you know how things work out.

    -Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

  2. Wow, I wish I would have had the guts to buy cloth! I read a blog, Raising My 4 Sons and she uses cloth and had TONS of comments about the do's and don' might wanna check her out too! Glad I found your blog through Meet and Greet Monday :)

  3. I did not use cloth diapers. Good for you! You have a new follower from MBC! I look forward to reading future posts! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  4. I'm really excited to follow your blog (from Meet and Greet Monday)! Let me know how the cloth diapers work out. I'm about to be a mommy and not quite brave enough to go that route. Come by and visit my blog at

  5. Hi there! Following from MBC, welcome!
    Thankfully we are finally done with diapers in my home (well I guess until my husband and I need them...but that should be pretty far off from now) I commend anyone who uses cloth!

  6. For all those who said they're thinking about cloth and/or could never do it...TRY IT!! I seriously thought I'd never be able to do it, but it's so easy. We had to make the switch because of $$. I quit working and we couldn't keep up with the expense.

    Our favorite dipes so far are the bumGenius AIO organics. My husband always reaches for these. He doesn't have to think, just put them on. I love the snaps because they last longer, don't get caught together in the wash, and I've heard are better later when they figure out how to undo their own dipes. They seem to be good for a medium wetter. These are our trusted dipe for overnight and outings (we have a 4m old).

    I'm a medium fan of the GroBaby diapers. We have the GroBaby not the new GroVia. These dipes are good for daytime at home when I know I'll be able to change him more readily. I like these best for using as a swim diaper and for the biosoakers (like a disposable dipe, but more eco friendly and less chemicals).

    Everyone raves about the bumGenius pocket dipes (3.0 and 4.0) but we haven't tried them yet. I know a lot who rave about Green Acres Diapers. We have one sized pocket from them that we're trying. So far so good. I've heard good things about rumperooz, too.

    Pocket dipes are good for heavy wetters because you can increase the absorbency in them. If you stuff these right out of the dryer, they're simple for hubbys...just remind him that he has to take the stuffing out when he takes one off.

    Check out my blog. I've got a lot of posts on cloth diapers, including a list of terms that has pros and cons of each type of diaper.

    Good luck!! P.S. cloth is addicting!

  7. I know cloth is addicting that is really why I want to try other dipes beside the softbums that I have. There are just so many out there. Thanks for your help I am going to check out your site.