Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grateful for

     I have been just thinking lately and trying to look at the world through different eyes.  I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings and being present at all times.  I have just been thinking about how lucky I am to be the person I am and have the things that I do.  So I thought I would take a minute and list all the things I am grateful for; they are not in any order just listed as I think of them. So here it goes:

I am grateful for:

1. My family and friends
2. My husband
3. My boys
4. My home
5. The ability to stay at home with my boys
6. My health
7. My children's health
8. My husband's health
9. Being able to travel the places that I have
10. The vacations that my family has taken
11. Being able to travel to visit my extended family
12. Being able to introduce my boys to their great grandparents
13. Having the education that I do
14. My parents and all they have done for me.
15. Living close to my parents so my boys get to know them
16. My friends
17. My neighbors
18. The ablitiy to read
19. The ablility to write
20. The opportunity to write and get better at writing

I think I am stopping for now. I am sure I will be able to come back and add to my list as the days go by and I have more to be grateful for.

A picture of my boys whom I am very grateful for.
Now it is your turn.  What are some of the things you are grateful for?


  1. AWWWW!!! I am grateful for my boys that is for sure:)

  2. So much to be thankful for!! Isn't it great to take a moment to stop and deliberately think about it?? Gives such perspective! :)