Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh my it's HOT!

    Just in case anyone was wondering it is hot here in Maryland!  The last two days have been over 100 degrees.  Now I am still a go outside and play girl but it has been a challenge.  I have to say that on Friday, even though it was hot, I still went to my stroller class and did my work out.  So in order to stay cool we have been doing a lot of pool activities this weekend.  Saturday we were waiting for  the man to come to fix the dry so it was a pool on the deck day; but we still had fun.

Daddy even got in the little pool with the boys.

And so did little B.

Nothing like a skinny dipping little three month old and a blazing hot day.

We hit the pool for a birthday party that night and then it was to bed for sleepy heads.  Sunday brought another trip to the pool and more good times.

Little B and me in the little pool. We can't call it the baby pool because O does not like that.

Trying to keep the heat away and just relax.

Just getting a sip of something to help him stay cool.

After our days at the pool it was home for a good nap and hopefully cooler days to come.

Now to my readers who are visiting today how do you stay cool on very hot days?

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  1. Oh, isn't swimming with the little ones so fun? Levi loves the water! It's a good thing since summers are so horribly hot and humid here. The pool or the beach is our refuge!!