Saturday, August 21, 2010

     After writing my post on Thursday for a writers workshop, I began thinking about how I would respond to my son if he had written my that letter.  So today's post would be my response.

My precious sweet son,
   I wanted to start by saying that I love you.  From the day you were born I have loved you.  You were so small but yet you made such a huge difference in my life.
I have grown as a mommy and a person because of you.  Look how small you were!  You have grown so much in the last 3 1/2 years.  I am so proud of you!  You were so small and now you are so big.  You have learned to do some many different things.  You are so smart, hey you can count to 13!  You went from just being able to lay where I put you, yes your Grandma called you a lump, to crawling, to walking, to running, and now to riding scootters. You are a swimmer and ball throwing fool. You are amazing.

     I want you to know that everything your Daddy and I do is for your best interests.  Your Daddy and I have worked hard to make sure that you have what you need to become the best that you can be.    We even thought of you when we decided to make you be a big brother.  We wanted you to always have someone to play with.  We wanted you to have someone who admired you, loved you and looked up to you.  We wanted you to be a big brother so that you would be the teacher and leader that we both know you can be.  Yes we were thinking of you when we brought Little B into your life.  I know it has been hard at times for you. I also know that you have learned to love him.  He already is looking up to you and watching you and I think I are starting to see this.  You are a wonderful big brother and I want you to continue to be.
     Family is important, and I hope that we are instilling that in you.  Your family will always be there for you and I want you to know that and know them.  You have been on many travels to see your family.  I want you to know them, love them and feel loved by them.  They all love you!

Your family is growing along with you.  Since this picture was taken we have added and lost family members.  But each person has already had an impact on the person you are and who you will become.  They have made you special and will help you to grow.  Family is special and you should always keep them close, even if they are miles away. 
     My dearest little O, I want you to know that I am your number one fan.  I love all the things that you can do and I love to cheer you on.  You are great at playing with the hose, one of your favorite pass times, and mowing the grass.  You are a boater by blood and you cans tell from your passion for boats.  You make one great fireman and if you want to be an UPS driver for Halloween this year you can.  Don't let anyone talk you out of it.  You are a great person and a loving person.  I want you to stand up for what you think is right.  I want you to always put your best foot forward. Be who you are and don't let anyone change that.  You make the changes in your life that will make you happy.  I will say it again, you are a wonderful person and I want you to stay that way.  I am proud of you and I love you!  You are my sweet little boy and you always will be.

What would you tell your child in a letter?


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  2. Well, I'm a blubbering mess now, thank you! :) That was a sweet letter. I keep diaries for both my girls but only wrote them formal letters on their first birthdays. This made me want to sit down and write one just for the fun of it. I'm glad I stopped by.
    ~Jules @