Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writers workshop

   One of the blogs I follow, Moma's losin' It, does a writers workshop every week.  I like to try and participate in it weekly.  This week's prompt that I chose to do is:

Steppin outside the box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone)

     When I stop and think of a time were I stepped outside my box I think back to when I met my husband Rob.  I was a single girl and had been that way for many years.  I was happy that way and very independent.  I did not want someone to help me or care for me, I would not let anyone get close to me.  I had my friends and I was always the third wheel, but that was ok with me.  I can  be shy around new people, I am not a go out and get them kind of girl, I guess I am more now but not then.  So when a close girlfriend of mine broke up with her long time boyfriend she wanted to start doing a online dating site but she did not want to do it alone.  Now this was really not me and was stepping out of my box, but I did it and although I was slow at talking with people I did it.  Well it was not long before I was matched with Rob and after a few weeks of emails and talking on the phone we met.  As we got to know each other we found out that we had mutual friends, as well as we were both in our high school marching bands which means we have video of both of us on the same field at the same time.
     Fast forward two years and we where getting married, all because I stepped outside my box and went with something new and different.  Something that was a challenge for me and made me believe in myself and the person I am.  Fast forward about 5 more years and here I am writing about it happily married for 5 years and have two wonderful boys.  I can't say more about how happy I am to step outside of my box.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Good for you for taking a chance! I wrote about the same topic and I am out of my comfort zone right now but reading everyone's posts is making me feel better...

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's...

  2. Gave a similar answer to my prompt today.

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