Monday, September 13, 2010


  I have posted about my amazement of my two boys in the past, but they continue to amaze me in their love for each other.  I will have to say that it makes me feel good that they do love each other and that O is happy with his little brother. There are many times that I wonder how O feels about his brother since he hits him and does anything he can to get our attention away from Little B.  Now I really try to give O lots of time he gets to do earns with us alone.
  Over the weekend we went to my in laws and my husband cousin live right next store to my in laws.  They have a little boy that is 9 months younger than O and O loves to play with A.  On this visit they were not home at the time but we decided to play with some of their toys.  I put Little B in the swing and was swinging him for the first time when O came up to help.
  I love how Little B is laughing at his big brother.  This makes my heart melt.  I can't wait for more moments like this.


  1. So sweet! Brothers are pretty awesome. My two are absolutely in love with each other too and it totally melts my heart.

  2. Thanks Jill! What happened to B's eye?

  3. Hang in there....I wasn't sure mine would ever really play together. They're 3.5 and 18 months now and thick as thieves. They do everything together. Boys rock!

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