Friday, September 17, 2010

Dump Trucks and fun

    We had a busy day today!  We started the day off with a workout for me at Stroller Strides and boy was it a good one! Then we headed over to my mom's house.  I had talked to her earlier in the morning and knew that she was waiting for a delivery of gravel for their driveway; I thought that O would love to see the action when it got delivered.  I was not sure that we were going to make it in time to see the truck but we did.

And here is O's face as he watched

He would not go near the truck I even carried him up to the driveway but he wanted nothing to do with it.  So I just let him sit and watch.

Then after we at lunch we helped Grandma spread the gravel out.

We dug
and dug

O loved pushing the wheel barrel

He did let Grandma help him though
After all that work I had one tired kid on my hands.  There was one long nap when we got home.


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