Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh what a Halloween

  Yesterday was one busy day.  We started the day off with pumpkin carving.  O was digging it.
Little B wanted in on the action himself.  Although he was a little to small to get in and dig but he tried.
O wanted to do it by himself.  Boy did he ever work hard.
He wanted a sad pumpkin and a mad pumpkin, they are taking about feelings in school.
Here is the results of his hard work.

Once the pumpkins were done it was time for the Halloween parade.
The costumes were put on and the community kids paraded the streets.
 O was "The Big Brown Truck Man" as he called it.  In other words he was the UPS man.

Little B was a dragon.

That night was so exciting.  O could not wait to get back in his costume and head on out.
The fast shot before we left.
Trey goes with us every year.  He is always supper dog but it makes it fun.  What a dog to put up with this!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment on my wordless wednesday post!

    Love the costumes! Especially the UPS cutie! Reminds me of a UPS guy that I had a major crush on years ago! :)

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