Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yes it is true

   Yes it is true, today marks my baby's 7 month birthday.
    Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was holding this "small" little baby in my arms.  It seems like just yesterday I was introducing my two boys to each other and laughing as O said "I think that needs to go back in your belly".
   But look at you now! 
     You are:
  • Sitting up on your own
  • starting to eat solid foods
  • laughing
  • out grown your infant car seat
  • bathing in the bath tub instead of the baby bath
  • starting to stand
  • getting your brother in trouble
  • you have two teeth
  • you are well into 12 month clothes and starting 18 month cloths.
Oh where oh where did my little baby go.  You are growing so fast.

Happy 7 month birthday little boy.  Mommy loves you!

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