Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh the Joy

   Yesterday we went to the local rec center for some morning fun.  I was looking for a way to let O run his energy off so that he would take a good nap.  I did not want to spend a lot of money and I really did not want to go to a playground covered in snow.  Our local county parks have a parking pass that can be bought for the year but I am not ready to purchase that yet, it is just not in the budget yet.  So the rec center was where we went to give this Ballocity a try.  We got there and the parking lot was packed so I was not sure how this was going to go.  To many kids and not enough space was not going to be good.  Then we got into the front desk and the lady tried to charge me for Little B, who was in his ergo and is 9 months old and just learned how to crawl.  After some attitude both on her part and on mine we were headed down to the Ballocity room for some play time and we only had to pay for O.
  Well he loved it!  There were not many children in the room and once he figured it out he had a blast.
  Oh the joy in his face when he pushed that button and the ball exploded out the top and fell the other floor.  Oh the fun he had running from level to level and collect balls to put in the shoots so that they would dump once they were full.

  It was such a great time and it was not that expensive, only $7.  I think we will be hitting this place again.

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  1. looks like he had a wonderful time! His expression is of pure happiness & excitement = priceless!

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  2. I took my nephew to a Ballocity once. He had a blast as well. I got to catch some great pictures of him. Unfortunately, it's not there any longer.

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  4. Sometimes I come across a blog and think.. 'I'm just finding this now?' I adore photography and it makes me smile to see someone using it on their blog! The pictures are so cute.

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