Friday, March 11, 2011


    It was just four years ago when I became a mom.  It was just four years ago when O came into this world and blessed those who know him.  Just four short years that have gone so fast and taught me so so much.  Four years to make me a better person and a happier soul.  Four years, goodness where did they go?
     That is right he is FOUR!  I can not believe it.  It seems like just yesterday he was a small little baby laying on the blanket in the park.  With all the other baby friends right next to him.  Not any more!  He is now my big boy.  A boy that can ride his bike,  play in the back yard, run, swim, loves to cook and build with wood.  A boy that enjoys reading and painting, along with working on the computer.  A boy that challenges me everyday to do better and try harder.  This is a boy that pushes  me to the edge and yet I still can walk away and be happy and love him.

He is four and I can not believe it.  He is four, where has the time gone?  Four,  Four, Four.

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