Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a wonderful day!

   I have been really busy this week. Not sure why, I just have been.  This week has really let me look back on Easter Sunday and remember what a wonderful day it was. 
      It was a day that we did nothing but family, and I don't even mean extended family, just our little family.  Now the grandparents live close, but they had different plans for the day and it left us with just ourselves and we did not really have much planned to do.  It turned out to be one of the best days we have had in a while!!

     We stared the day off with Easter baskets!
  It was Little B's first Easter so it was a fun one just to watch him.   We had a great breakfeast, and then it was time to color Easter eggs.  Now that is a challege!  Both boys wanted to help, so we had a few spills.

   But over all we had some good colored eggs!  We then went to the Naval Acadamey for the Easter egg hunt.  It was a gorgous day and the grounds were beautiful.  I love tullips and they were in full blume. So the pictures were taken of  my handsome sons.

  O did not get any eggs in the hunt.  He ran out into the field but then freaked out about all the kids and just wanted daddy.  The good thing was, that I don't think he realized what he was missing.  So off we went home.

   We spent the rest of the day just playing in the back yard.  Yes I did have cleaning to do and yes I did need to wash laundry, but the weather was perfect and the boys were having such a great time that everything that needed to be done could wait.  We just  did nothing but play, blow bobbles and hang out  on the deck.

  It was one of the best days we have had in a while.  It really opened my eyes to the articles I have read about just living life and going with the flow.  Not planning every minute and letting our family be a family.  Doing what comes to mind at that moment.  Now I still have to say I love our family trips and activities that we do, but this was one of our best days and all we did was stay home.

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