Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fourth of July

  This is a time where we get to spend a day with the family!  The fourth is always a weekend for us, we spend one day with my parents and then the fourth with the in laws.  I save the day with  my parents for another post, it was fun!

The fourth was also fun.  It is great to get together with family.  This family has really grown over the years.  Now my hubby has just one sister and she does not have any children, but  he grew up living next store to his cousin which seemed like a brother to him.  Well that cousin has three children, so our children get to play together like first cousin.

There were crabs to eat:
Water slides to go down:

water to pour on others: 

and pop rocks to be popped:  The boys loved doing this, which I was surprised about since O does not like loud noises.

There were water cannons to figure out

Balls to be played with:

And swings to swing on

Then it was time for so fireworks! 

Never Fails O does not surprise me, even with his earmuffs on he still flipped out.  But he did calm down and sat to watch the fireworks with Grandma and his two cousins.
Then it was home we went.  Since we forgot the sparklers with took a minute to light them up before we went to bed

Yep it was a good time.  It is always fun to watch the boys play with their cousins.  I will have to say this was a good day to put into the books.

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  1. Looks fun! Glad I am not the only one blogging about the 4th a week later! Love the water slide!