Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cloth Diapers, Softbums

     With baby number two and the thought of staying home I decided to look into cloth diapers.  Now I did a lot of research, there is so much out there on cloth diapers and so many different kinds, and a lot of thinking to decide to give it a try.  I will have to say that so far it is not that hard, after all the research, and I like it.  Both my boys have very sensitive skin; with B I have found that his skin is doing so much better with cloth diapers.  He has not had a but rash at all and I find that when I have used disposables he is all red down there, but not with the cloth diapers.  I am very happy with them.
     The diapers I decided to use are called softbums.  They are an one - size diaper, so they fit from birth to potty training.  I really only wanted to have to make this diaper investment one time not every time my child out grew the diaper.  This diaper is an all - in - two diaper so you can remove the insides and use the shell again.  I found the web site for the diaper very helpful, there is even a book that you can read all about the different kinds of diapers and how to care for them.  It was a great web site. 
    So after deciding on the diaper I started the hunt for the diaper.  I ended up buying my stash used.  I received 52 diapers, 15 doublers and 15 shells.  They all seemed in good shape when I got them.  I started using them with B when he was about 2 weeks old.  I used the doublers as inserts.  My problem was that he would pee so much that I had leaks and needed to use 2 doublers at a time.  This made my stash of diaper very small.  But once he was about 4 weeks he was big enough that I started using the regular inserts and I have not gone back to disposables since.  It has taken me a little while to figure out the fit and get everything just right, but I have been very happy with the diapers.  I have ordered new shells and I have found that I have an easier time getting the fit with the newer shells.  I think it is the elastic in the legs, some of the old ones are just all stretched out.  From talking to others who cloth diaper this seems to happen after about a year.  I still use the shells and I find that if I have a leak it seems to be with one of the older shells.  Now I don't have any other diapers other than softbums so I can not compare them to anything; I just know that I am happy with what I have now.  They are cute and my little guy always gets complements on his little cloth diapers.

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