Friday, June 4, 2010

A masters and a mom

     Just the other day I received my master degree in the mail.  I completed my masters in education focusing in reading.  I just found it to be funny that less than a week after it was delivered I completed my papers to leave my teaching position to stay at home.  So now I have a master's degree and I am staying home to be a mom.  It is funny how life changes.  Even just a year ago I did not see myself staying home.  I talked about it and how I think it would be great but I never pictured myself doing it.  But when I got pregnant my goal was to get the masters complete so that I could have my family and not have to worry about it.  As the time went on I thought and thought about staying home.I just found my family to be more important than my job and with daycare I was hardly going to be bringing home any money.  So here I am with a masters and I just gave up my teaching position.  For now it is just for a year, but we will see how things go.  Teaching is a job that you have to be so dedicated to that I did not see being able to do both.  My family is so much more important.  So now that I have started my new "job"  we will see were life takes me and my family.  This could be interesting.

So my pictures for this post are of my degree, which I am proud of, and my boys.  They are both part of my life no matter which way it takes me.

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