Sunday, July 18, 2010

A family day

     Yesterday we had such a nice family day.  It was a pool day and both boys like the pool.

It was a hot day so the pool felt good and since we were able to stay home for part of the morning B got a morning nap in so he was in really good spirits.  He really seemed to enjoy himself.  He was kicking and splashing his arms.  Now O, he always enjoys himself at the pool.  He just does not like when the blow the whistle.  He does not like loud noises so the whistle is not his friend.  He is always looking at the lifeguard to see if the whistle is going to be blown. 
     After our time at the pool it was home for naps.  I love the nap time after a trip to the pool.  Everyone slept which gave me that quite time. It was so very nice!  I even had to wake everyone for dinner.  After dinner we headed for a trip down town.  We parked at the academy and walked to the docks.  We stopped for some much needed ice cream and sat on the docks to enjoy it.  O really liked his ice cream.

Now B, he was just a good sport and was along for the ride.  He did seem to enjoy being out even though it was so hot.

After the ice cream we watched the boats and walked to say hello a neighbor who works at one of the local restaurants down town.  Then is was back home and everyone to bed.  We had such a great day and bedtime even went smoothly with everyone going right to sleep without any complaints.

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