Monday, July 5, 2010

Loud noise

So O does not like loud noises. He covers his ears and becomes very up set.  When we went to see the Blue Angles we used regular earmuffs and they did not help.  We had to leave early.  I was sad about leaving because I knew he was excited about seeing the planes but the noise was to much for him.  The other day someone suggested that we buy the ear protectors that people use on construction sites.  So we gave it a try.  Bingo they worked!  First O thought they were cool so he wanted to wear them.  Second the noise did not bother his ears and I believe he enjoyed the fire works!  It was nice that I could enjoy the fireworks also.  I have learned over time lots of different tricks to do different things with my boys.  This is another one of those great tricks that I will pass on to other moms!


  1. I found these online when I was thinking about taking them to see the Blue Angels. I too think my Owen would love to see those planes but neither of my kids like loud noises. Our redneck neighbors went crazy wit the fireworks and my husband saw Owen on the video monitor run and duck and cover after we put him down for the night. I'm hoping in another year he'll be better about it.

    The problem with these things for my Owen is that I don't think he'd keep them on. He's weird about what he wears as far as senstions and if it's weird, he freaks. But they're soooo cute. I was going to get some pink ones for River too.

  2. Also, I didn't know you blogged or I would have been following all along.

    Good to find you!