Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday weekend; I am finished

     Now I don't want anyone to think that I don't like the holidays;  we had a great weekend with lot of different things to do.  It was so jam packed that I don't even remember what we did on Friday and it is only Tuesday.  My holiday weekend started with shopping with my mom.  I got a new shirt and some winter clothing for the boys.  Thanks mom!! 

     Sat was a great time.  We had one of our weekend breakfast of pancakes and then O and Rob went for a boat ride on the little boat.  Now O really seems to enjoy this time with his daddy and he loves being out on the water.  He must of got this from both of us since we both grew up on boats. After his boat ride O and Rob stopped over at Granddad's house and helped put Aunt Ada's shed up.  This was right up O's ally since he came home talking all about how he helped and he got to drill in the wood.  Now while they where gone I was able to take my walk with B and able to take a nice shower. 
After nap time it was off to Grandma Mucci's house where we went on Blue Goose.  Now this was the first time out on the boat for B.  He did well.  He did not scream in the life jacket just fuzzed a little bit.  Now O did very well.  He only fuzzed a little bit about going fast.  As long as we kept him busy looking for boats or birds or something he was fine.  Once we got to where we were going to anchor we settled right in.  Swimming was the next thing on the agenda. Boy did we have a great time!  O took to it like a pro.  Once he saw me jump off the side he was right there.  Now I did have to show him how to jump feet first so he would not belly flop since it is such a long fall off the side of that boat.  But he had a great time jumping and swimming.  We had a nice dinner on the boat once we were finish swimming and then headed home.  Now it was a long day since we did not get home till after 9pm so it was baths and bed.  No problems everyone slept.  O did wake up around 5 am and got into bed with us allowing everyone to sleep till about 7.
So Sunday brought a whole new day of play and fun things to do. We just stayed around the house in the morning.  After nap it was on to Grandma Mahoney and Granddad's house.   We took all the cool toys with us to.  The moon bounce and the jeep.  O's cousin A was there, he lives next store, so the fun times were about to begin.  O and A played all afternoon.  They had such a great time.  At one point O was so tired he just laid down in the moon bounce for a rest. The night was coming to an end and it was time for fireworks which for the first time O was able to enjoy.  He used his workman ear muffs so the noise would not bother him and it worked. We had sparklers which he seemed to enjoy.  The fireworks were great. 
      Now all this time B was such a sport.  He just slept and played and did his thing.
So the night came to an end and we headed home.  Another late night arriving home at about 10:15pm.  No baths this night it was wash up, med, brush teeth and bed.  O went right to sleep but was in our bed the early the next morning.
      Monday was a great start to the morning.  Up late since we were out late, breakfast at home and then a morning of hanging out.  It was getting hot this day so a trip to the pool was planned for after lunch.  Pool trip went well we met Aunt Ada and all had a great time.  Then it was home for late naps.  I mean late not down till 3.  Both boys slept and slept till about 6.  Up for dinner and more play time.  O and Rob went to Rita's for a cool treat and then it was time for bed time routine, well we thought.  Again this was starting late since dinner was late.  Well O did not want to go to bed, Rob gave in and he ended up in bed with us.  Here I sit at 10:15 pm in a queen size bed with two adults, a three month old, a three year old and a fifty pound English springer spaniel.  This bed is just not made to hold this many people.  So I had a great weekend; but I am finished.  I want to get back to routine and have my bed back.  I had a great time but I want to sleep and I want happy non tired children.  The holiday was great but I am finished!

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