Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saving the money

     So in my quest to stay home and take care of my family I needed to learn how to cut some corners and cut our spending.  So I herd about this book on Good Morning America and decided to read it.  What could it hurt?  The least I could do is learn how to cut some corners.  So I am not finished reading but I have done some learning.  Now I would not say that I am great at cutting coupons and that I can go to the store and come up paying hardly anything at all but I seem to be making some progress.  It was just last week that I went to the super market and walked away saving $25.  Not bad don't you think?  I have a long way to go and the process takes me a long time but I saved some money.  I do a lot of research and planning which is the time consuming part.  My dryer just died so I needed to replace it and of course I wanted the front loading washer to go with it.  My husband just about fell over when I told him that.  Well after a lot of research I got my washer and dry for about half the cost of just going out to sears and picking them out.  I figured it out that I saved about $1100.  Not bad!  So I will continue to read, and I am sure I will end up rereading and learning and saving.

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  1. i am going to have to find this book - I am a new stay-at-home mom too and trying to make it work financially. We never planned on me staying at home, so this is all new.