Thursday, July 8, 2010


So today on my mind is sleep, or in this case lack there of.  So last night B decided that he was going to get up every 3 hours.  Now he was giving me 5 to 6 hours consistently with a night of 8 hours here and there.  But last night was not that way.  I am not good with no sleep.  I like my sleep and need my sleep to make my day go by in a positive way.  No sleep is no good.  I can not wait till B can roll over so that he can sleep on his belly.  I feel that he sleeps better on his belly and he will even fall asleep on his belly.  Once he is asleep I have to roll him over and hope I don't wake him.

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  1. I suck with no sleep as well! And both my boys slept on their tummys...I didn't worry. Then again they were both holding their heads up and able to move them from side to side by a few weeks old! And I think that is why I didn't worry! I hope you get some good sleep again soon!