Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite things

  I was driving to stroller stides today with both boys and O and I were singing to along with one of his favorite CDs and it made think about all of my boys favorite things.  So looking at the world through my boys eyes I decided to make a list of their favorite things.

Going to the pool

Going out on the boat:

Wathcing Fireman Sam: ( this is his newest show he likes)

Singing with Raffi
Playing Zoodles on the computer (check out my giveaway for this site)

Now for Little B:
He loves his jumproo

Hanging with his mommy in his ergo:

These are just a few of my kids favorites. I think I could go on and on but there are to many pictures and vidoes for that. 

  For all those mommies and daddies out there what are some of you children's favorite things?


  1. Very Cute :)

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  2. Cool list of favorite things! One of my son's favorite things is bowling :)

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