Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Paper Mama photo challenge: Orange

   Ok when I first saw this challenge a couple of weeks ago I though great O's favorite color is orange this will be no problem finding a picture.  O has so many things that are orange, from his clothing to a chair.  So these last couple of weeks I have made a point to take pictures when I see him in orange or around something orange.  I did not go out of my way to take the pictures, they are just pictures or our daily lives and what was going on at that very minute. 
    Well I don't think I expected to sit down on this rainy day to look for an orange picture and to find so many that I liked.

Here is the first one that I as of the other week I was going to use:
It is O and our neighbor.  They play ball or power wheels every night after dinner.  Then we make snow cones and they stand in our front yard and eat them.  I thought it was great that they both were wearing orange.
Then I thought I would use this picture instead:

This is one of O's favorite shirts and he is telling me about it.  Well he is telling the entire neighborhood about it.  This is so my little boy I thought it would be good.  Well until I found this one:

I love little cloth diaper butts and this one happen to be orange.  I also thought that I have not used a lot of pictures of Little B.  But this was not the one.  I decided on this one:

I love the fat rollie pollie legs and the chubby cheeks. This picture just shows all the chubby my Little B has and I love it!  So this is the one, even though it is not where I started ,and I do love all my orange pictures, this is the one I am entering.

The Paper Mama


  1. Very adorable! I love fluffy bums and chunky babies.

  2. Love baby legs - and that orange diaper is pretty cute. Great shots.