Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crab net fun

     My husband comes from a family of watermen.  His grandfather was a full time waterman, his uncle and cousin are watermen for a living and his father was a waterman part time when Rob was growing up.  Rob grew up on the water crabbing. 
    I do not come from a family of watermen, but I did grow up on the water.  I grew up on sail boats. My father was in the Coast Guard and sailing was his thing.
  Since both of us grew up on the water, it is in our boys blood to love anything that has to do with water.  We were over visiting my in laws and O was playing with his cousin A.  They are about 9 months apart so they play great.  I am always amazed at what kids come up with and how they can turn a simple thing like a crab net into a great toy for a great adventure.

We gave them Easter eggs as pretend crabs.

They filled their jeep up with "crabs"

And drove off.
They had such a good time and played with the jeep and crab nets for about an hour.

To my mommy readers out there, what everyday items do your children play with and turn into a great adventure?

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