Sunday, August 8, 2010

The spot light is on me

   It has been a busy weekend and even a busy day.  Little B has not been his normal self and I think his acid reflux is bugging him again so he has been fussy.  With that said I am not getting on the computer until late and while holding my half asleep baby.  I was so excited to see Audrey over at 3am Cloth Diapers, No Pins Needed has my blog as a spot light winner!  This made my day and gave me something to write about with not much thinking and while holding a baby.
     If you are new to my site, welcome take a look around.  If you follow me leave a comment letting me know and I will follow you back.  I will try and get back to you as soon as I can, Little B is making it difficult right now.  To my return followers thanks for stopping by again!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi there

    Just found you through meet and greet Monday. Lovely blog you have here! I've signed up to follow and look forward to reading more!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. I am now following you thanks to Meet & Greet Monday!It would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog !
    Also if you need any help tweaking your blog or easy HTML tips, you know where to come! Happy Monday!

  3. Hi there! I found you by looking through other friend's blog. I love all the things you post about!

    Here's my blogs:

    Looking forward to reading more from you!