Friday, August 13, 2010

They are here

  So I have  been cloth diapering Little B for about 3 1/2 months now and it is going well.  I have become addicted to looking for different diapers and making sure that I am doing everything right with these diapers.  I find the easy to use and don't have a problem putting them on Little B.  But I don't have everyone on board.  My stash has been mainly AI2's, but I have just ordered and finally received some pocket diapers.  I am thinking that they will not be so intimidating to my family members since they just go on like disposable, as long as I have pre-stuffed them.  I am thinking that they will be the ones that daddy goes to also.
   So hear they are:

I hope that I like them and that my family will find them easy and are not intimidated by them.  It really does not matter to me what they think, I like them and Little B's but does not get red and rashy so that is what matters to me.  Plus we are saving money on diapers and that is one great thing.  I don't think Rob minds them, he does not have to deal that much with them so he is happy that we save money.  We will give these know diapers a try and see how it goes.


  1. I really want to do this, but am not having great luck getting hubby and other family members (grandparents) support.

  2. Good luck with your pocket diapers! Those are the ones that my hubby goes for first, and they helped him to get into it. It has also helped the grandparents stick with our cloth only rule as well. I'm still a fan of the good old fashioned prefold, but I understood why my hubby wasn't! GL on your cloth diapering ventures, I hope this works out for you! Feel free to ask any questions you might have over on my blog so that I can help you as well as others!