Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Fest

  Wow has it been busy. I have had so much to do, I have not found the time to write.  I will have to say I miss it. So today I decided I would set time aside to write.  Now all the other chores are still calling me since yesterday was not a good day and nothing got done, but I am writing anyway.
   Over the weekend we went to Fall Fest over in Rock Hall Maryland.  We met my parents on their boat and stayed the weekend with them.  We had such a good time.
   To start off, I took my diapers!  I have never traveled with them so this was a first.

Here they are all nice and clean ready to go.
   We started the day off with meeting a clown:

And then stopping to listen to a local band.

Little B was along for the ride and seemed to like just looking around.

O enjoyed the moom bounce of course

But the majic show was not as much of a hit for O.  He seemed nervouse about it, hence the rolled up shirt.

There was a goat that you could milk, but O was not about to go that close.
But boy did he talk about fancy!  He did finally go near her with some support from daddy.
We watched the steel drum band, which was great.
And O was amazed.

Back at the marina O got the nerve up to pet the cats.
And we did a little shopping.

O got a kick at checking out the travel lift.

While Little B had his dinner:

This is the marina that I traveled to many times as a child. In fact the first time I visited it I was the same age as O is now.  There is a statue that we have many family pictures next to as I was growing up.  So of course I wanted my family pictures next to the statue. Here they are:

He is not a fan

I really had to try for this one

This is one of my favorites.
Ok thanks for stopping by and reading about my great family weekend.  We had a blast and I enjoyed sharing it with you.  The only thing that would have made it better was if we had our own boat.  But I know that will come in time,  Little B is a way better addition to our family than some boat.

Now back to chores. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Love your family photos!

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