Thursday, September 23, 2010

So it happened

  Two different things happened today. I will start with the one that happened first. The stinks!  I cloth diaper Little B, and I really like it.  I have had very little problems.  There have been a few times where I have had rash on the first time he wet, and when I got the new washing machine there was a learning  curve, but I thought I had that all figured out. Well today I got my diapers out of the dryer and thought they smelled a little bit but moved on and packed up for our trip to breastfeeding support group. Well when I arrived I looked at Little B to find him all wet.  His diaper had never leaked like this before.  So annoyed I changed him and made sure to keep on top of it while we were out since I did not have any other diapers with me.  When I came home the diapers went back into the wash and the stripping began.  When they went into the dryer they smelled much better so hopefully the problem is fixed.
    The second thing that happened was good and made me feel better about the stinks.  I opened my email to find a email informing me that I had won a give away.  This is the first time I have one anything!  Now I have to say that I enter giveaways here and there, I was keeping track of them for a while then I stopped; it became to much work.  So now I just enter the ones that I come across that is something I could use or want.  My first one is from a giveaway over at Stash Mama.  It is for a car seat id kit.  I am excited for it to come.  Maybe this is just the start of my luck and soon I will win again.  I am always singing up for a cloth diaper giveaway.

Let's Just Give It Away


  1. You must be a busy SAHM with a 3yr old and 5 month old. I can empathize 7yr, 5 yr and 15 month. Love being a mom, how bout you? Glad to have come by your blog via blog hop. I'm now following and hope you can return the favour!

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  5. Ug. the stipping. I've just recently had to do that with ours too... But they are still smelling a tiny bit. Just a mild smell, but enough to make me wrinkle my nose a bit. I think I need to google and see other routines for it... and maybe tweak mine a little. And hey, congrats on your give-away win. That's so cool!