Friday, September 10, 2010

State Fair

   I guess this is kind of a late post for me, it has just been one busy week.  The boys will not work with me at all and at least take one nap at the same time.  There has been nothing getting done in this house.  Anyway, last weekend we went to the state fair.  We have been going every year since we had O and on the way home Rob and I commented about how each year has been more fun than the last.  So this year topped it off with fun.  O had a great time. 
He went on his first ride!  We have never been able to get him to go on a ride before and exceptionally by himself.  I know he looks so serous, he did come off smiling though.  I was waiting for him to melt down when the ride started but he did not.  I was a proud momma.  He even gave the ticket man his tickets.

As always O loved the tractors both big and small.  We had a hard time getting him off both of these.

I think the whole family enjoyed seeing all the animals, although they are not to sure about this horse.

O had his first funnel cake.  I am not one to give my kids junk but I figured he had to have a funnel cake someday.  He loved it!

For those of you who know us you know that we can't go anywhere without seeing a firetruck up close.  So here they are up close with the firetruck.

And here is sweet Little B in his carseat ready to go home.  I think he had a great time too.  He looked at everything and then took a nap!


  1. We love going to the fair. And like you said, every year is funner than the last. I'm glad he got on a ride! My older daughter is pretty cautious and has to be talked into it but she always ends up having fun :)


  2. It looks like they had a great time at the state fair. My little boy enjoyed a ride for his first time too this year...but in all his pictures, he looks completely serious (or like he's in deep contemplaton) too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. what great pics. so cute. looks like everyone had a good time. Yum to funnel cakes!