Monday, September 20, 2010

What happened?

   I can only start this off with I AM TIRED.  I am so tired. I so quickly forgot that I do not do well with no or little sleep. 
   Little B has stopped sleeping through the night.  He was sleeping a good 8 to 10 hours up to about three nights ago.  I don't know what happened, he is now up every two hours.  It is like new born all over again.  I will have to say that this weekend I did make sure that I got him to nap during the day.  I have been feeling guilty that he has no nap schedule.  Every time he is ready for a nap it is time to go get O or do something for O and Little B has to nap in the car or no nap at all.  So this weekend I made sure he napped.  Well maybe that was it. I don't know. I did have a different baby in the evenings.  He was not crying and wanting mommy. But boy am I no good with no sleep.  I found myself just standing in the  middle of my stroller class this morning doing nothing.  I have had the hardest time keeping my cool with O this evening.  Today was a busy day and Little B did not get good naps so we will see how he sleeps tonight.
I hope you sleep my sweet baby.  Just sleep for your mommy and tomorrow we will have a much better day. Not that today was bad, I am just tired.  On that note I am going to bed!
Good night.


  1. Could it be a growth spurt? My littlest one did the same exact thing- and I am no good with no sleep either. It's awful. I hope this passes quickly!

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  3. Oh goodness... the lack of sleep. Even though Levi sleeps *pretty* good, he's still often waking up once a night. And he's 8 months old! It's driving me crazy and I'm sooooo tired. :( Boo. I hope your little man sleeps better for you this week!

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