Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The battle has happened/ Ask Momma Wednesday

 So I have been using cloth diapers now for about 6 months.  I have read a lot about them and how to care for them.  I love using them and have been so happy that my baby has not really had a rash since the switch.  I also love the money I am saving.  Now in all of my reading I have read about diapers getting stinky and all the different reasons why.  Well I have the stinks.  The battle has begun.
   I was doing well, I thought, although I do find myself stripping quit often.  I am not sure if it is my detergent or the fact that I have a HE washer.  I did a lot of detergent research and I was looking for something that did not cost much and that I could get locally; I really would like to make a detergent but I am nervous about going there.  So I found one that was on the many list as ok for cloth diapers.  It has been doing a ok job I guess.  I do have stinky diapers so it can't be doing great.
   With that being said I have the samples Rockin Green in the mail on the way to my house.  I have read great things about this stuff and also not so good stories so we will see how it works.  I plan on doing a soak and really nice long soak.  I am not sure how I am going to do it since some people say do it in the bath tube while others say not to.  I feel like I don't have my washer figured out and there is not enough water in it for a soak.  I just want my stinky diapers to not be stinky.  Luckily Little B has not had any rashes from this or worse yet ammonia burns.  I really want to avoid this from happening.
  I am looking into other detergents also.  Lulu's in the fluff is another one I have read about and may try before I make a commitement to using a new detergent.  So the battle has begun.  The stinky diaper battle and I hope that I win.  We will see.
  So I have two questions for my mommy readers who also use cloth diapers:
1.  What detergent do you use for your diapers or do you make a detergent that works?
2.  Do you have any suggestions for me to help me win the battle of stinky diapers?
                                                                          Thanks for your help,


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