Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A day with the fire trucks

  On Saturday the city of Annapolis put on a fire expo. Now O loves fire trucks so we pack up and headed down town for all the fun and to see the fire trucks.  Now just like any other thing we do it always takes O a while to warm up.  Even though he loves fire trucks he will not walk up to one or even get into one right away, he needs time to warm up to it.  O is this way with anything new or any kind of change.  So this is how we started our day.
O wanted to be in the stroller, which I am glad I brought, and refused to talk or look at anything.  I forgot to bring Little B's pack so he to was in the stroller and I was hoping for him to be able to hold it together without the pack. (I do a lot of baby wearing instead of strolling)  After a few laps around the fire trucks and looking at all the different tables O did start to warm up.

He got into a fire truck and even let the fireman help him in and out.  As you can see though he is still not to sure about it.  But after a few more minutes and a few more laps around O was inside and driving.
He was all smiles and we could not get him out.  Another favorite spot of his was the hose station.  O loves to play with the hose.  He will play with a hose for hours if we let him.  In fact playing with the hose was one of the rewards we used during potty training.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew when O used the potty because rain or shine he was out front playing with the hose.  So this station was a highlight for him.

He got to use a real fire hose and put out a "fire".  I think we must have gone to this station about 20 times.  This one was better than the moon bounce. 

O found the bomb robot to be interesting also.  I am not sure that he really understood what it was but it was cool to look at.

So all in all we had a good day.  As always I am not sure at the start of a day like this how it will go.  I am always almost positive that O will warm up and have a good time but it always sits in the back of my mind that he won't.  Today he did and we had to drag him away.  Here is how we ended the day.

I wish I had video taped him, he was not stop talking about the fire trucks.  So I day started with him in a ball not looking at the fire trucks, to him standing on the front of one non-stop talking about them and not wanting to go home.  A good day!

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