Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good by baby bed

  Today my mom came to pick up the bassinet. It was kind of bitter sweet. I have been dieing to get it out of my room but it also meant that my baby is no longer tinny.  I know he is almost 6 months and has not slept in it for months but it was sad to see it go.  It is going to my mom's house because it has been in the family for almost 70 years.  My mom's uncle's slept in it along with all of her cousins.  My mom and both her brothers used it as well as my brother and I.  So there was no thinking about it when O came, both he and Little B have slept in it. 
Now it will go back into storage and wait for the next little baby in the family, I am not sure if that baby will be mine or not.  

     Not only did the bassinet leave today but the convertible car seats are out and cleaned.  They are ready to be installed.  I know that Little B is not even 6 months old but what can I say I have big kids and he is just about reach the max weight and height for the infant car seat.  I did not get the in the cars today but that will get done this week.  My little baby is growing up way way to fast.

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