Friday, December 10, 2010

I hate reflux!

     This last couple of nights have been very rough in our house.  Poor Little B has been up crying most of the night.  Now the days have not been great either, his acid reflux is giving us a fit.  So today it was off to the doctors.  Now we were just there last week, but we did not see our usual doctor, for what I thought could have been an ear infection but I was wrong.  While I was there I even said to the doctor "if I didn't know he was on meds I would think his reflux is bothering him".  Well I know it is, in fact it is like I am not giving him any meds at all even though I am.  The change here is that we are now using generic instead of name brand, could that make a difference?  Well we will see, the doctor agreed with me that is should not make a difference but it is worth a try to see. So we now have the name brand back in the house and the experiment is on.  In the next couple of days hopefully we will have a happy baby again.  I hate reflux!  I hate that we have to deal with it daily and I hate the fact that the doctor even said that I am the queen of dealing with reflux.
   He is getting so big! I hate seeing him not happen and feeling healthy.  I hope changing the medication will work.  If it does not we will up the dose and see how that goes.  I want it to work. Both of my boys have reflux and are on high dose of meds.  O is going to be 4 in March and still has not out grown it.  Today the doctor was asking about O as well as Little B and how they are doing with the reflux.  The doctor is going to start looking into see if he should be checking out something else or look for other sings of other digestion track problems since both boys have bad reflux and I have signs as well.  He said that this is now a family problem and may have to be look into in a different way.  I want my boys to be happy and healthy, it is kind of scary to think that there maybe something underlying going on here.  We will just have to wait and see.

  Here they are and they both don't look to happy to have their pictures taken.  My poor little boys with their reflux.  Don't worry we will continue to work to take care of it.

   And here is one of my favorite pictures of them.  A little happier!  They are getting so big. 

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