Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches!

  Batten down the hatches and put up the gates, he is on the move.  It is official Little B is moving.  It is the army craw but it is getting him from place to place. 
   It took him 9 months to learn how to do this and to decided that he wanted to move, which is just fine by me.  O was moving at 6 months and with Little B I was just not ready for him to move until now.  Well I had no choice to be ready because he is moving.  So the baby gates are out and the big boy toys are moved to places where babies can't get them.  My house is much more baby proof and I got it all done just before he started to move.  Maybe he knew I was working on all this so he just waited for me to be ready.  Does it work that way?

Way to go Little B!!  Your mommy is proud of you.

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