Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What kids say!

    Now I have been working with children for many years.  That is 9 years teaching and then throughout college and even before that.  I am always amazed at what children say.  They are so funny sometimes.  But I will have to say of all of the things that the children I have worked with do  having my own children really amazes me and makes me laugh.  It was just yesterday that O not only made me laugh but just amazed me at how big he is getting and how he can pick up on things and remember things.
    My mother has just retired from her job.  She always jokes that she is old.  Yesterday I was driving with both boys in the car to my Stroller Strides class,  as we passed the hospital where my mom worked; O said to me "Is grandma working today?"  I responded "No, Grandma does not work anymore, yesterday was her last day."  As a typical almost 4 year old boy would he came back with the "why" question.  Not really knowing how to respond I simply said "because she does not work anymore."  Of course that was not a good enough answer, what was I thinking,  he said "Why,  she not working because she to old?"  Laughing I simply agreed with him.  He was right she retired because she was old, what can I say.  It just amazes me that he put together that idea of my mom retiring with being old.  No one told him that is why she retired and like I said she always jokes that she is old but she never told him that she was to old to work.  The fact that he put that all together and then was able to ask me about it is just amazing.  He is getting so big.

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