Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Wagon Ride

  Today was not the warmest day but not freezing either so we headed out as a fam to take a walk to the basketball court.  Now it has been a while since we have done this.  It has just been cold out and for what ever reason I have not been motivated to get out in the cold.  This is strange since I was walking with O every day no matter how cold it was.  But I guess the thought of bundling up two children, myself and the dog to go for a walk is not appealing.  Don't get me wrong, we go outside and play all the time.  I have lots of pictures of Little B all bundled up outside on the swings, but we just have not gone for many cold walks.
   This time we decided to take the wagon, which O loves.

It was Little B's first wagon ride!

And he seemed to enjoy it, although you would never know from the look on his face.

O had a great time playing ball with his daddy and one of the neighborhood kids. 

He has become such a little boy not a toddler anymore.  He can kick and through just like a big kid.

His aim seems to be pretty good, right at mom even though she is to busy with the camera. 

After today I have decided that we will be taking more walks and getting outside more.  I need to be exercising more and what better way to do it outside with my kids.  So hopefully there will be more pictures of our outside adventures to come so keep watching.

Dear friends,
Did anyone do something fun this weekend with their families?



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