Monday, March 21, 2011

One little sick one

     Both boys have had really runny noises these last couple of days.  There were a couple of sleepless nights with Little B.  Now I did give him some real yogurt to see how he does with milk so one of those nights could have been from not feeling so well from the milk, but it was hard to say.
     Oh the amount of tissues that we have gone through, boxes and boxes of them.  There has been so much nose blowing around here that I am not sure there is anything left in either boy's heads.
      I thought that we were on the mend; until this morning.  Little B woke me up to nurse, which he did and then right back down for a little more sleep.  He then woke me up again around 6:30 a.m.  I went in to get him and noticed his shirt was wet.  So on came the lights and to my surprise his shirt was covered in spit up.  I did not even get a chance to think about it when he spit the rest of his stomach contents all over me.  I was soaked right down to my bra. (I decided to save you from pictures of this one.)

   So today became a stay at home day, well for the most part, and turned into a upset tummy, messy diaper day.  We still took O to school, so he had something to do and people to play with, and then we did mange to take O to his swim lessons without any problems.  Little be ended up in the bath tub twice and went through 4 outfits.  I don't think I ever had to change him that many times even when he was a newborn.  I have dealt with the messiest diapers I have seen in a while today and I am still hoping they will come clean in the wash that is running right now. 

     I thought the we had gotten through the worst of it and we were done with this messy day; well I was wrong.  I gott Little B into his thrid bath of the day, just for the nighttime routine, and then got him dressed and ready for bed.  I let him nurse just like I always do and then it was to bed.  Well,  I did not even get him into the bed and he threw up all over the place.  So, yet another clothing change and the bed needed to be changed and his poor woobie has to go into the wash.  Hopefully he will be able to sleep without woobie tonight. 

That would be my day with my poor poor sick Little B.  Hopefully this virus will be done with this house tomorrow and we can have a sick free day. 

   I decided to use pictures of my baby healthy and not sick.  They just look better and spare you of the mess that has been around my house. 

Please feel better my Little B!!

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