Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What can happen in just one minute

   As a mom of two boys not much can surprise me.  Now my boys are both young but I still expect them to get dirty and play rough, at times, and just be boys.  But what they can do in just a matter of a minute still amazes me.

Really, do we need to have every toy we own out on the floor?  See that nice toy box?  The toys belong in there.  It only took a minute for this mess to happen.  I will have to say though, that at least they are playing nicely and no one is crying.  That is a good thing.

Dear friends,
Are there things that your children do that amaze you?


  1. they are fast... I guess with 4 hands it is even worse!

  2. Like shoveling in a snowstorm. Better to just shut the door and pretend it's not there. LOL