Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the season begin

    Now that O is 4 he is old enough to play sports!  Now I am not one to push things on him and I had a hard time really decided weather or not to put him on a sports team at such a young age, but I decided to go with it.  I manly did it so that he could meet some children his own age that live right around us and that could be going to school with him.  I wanted him to make some neighborhood friends to keep him company.

   I was not sure how he was going to do, he does not like new things or anything he is not sure what it is.  As you can see in the picture the first practice he kind of hung to the back of the pack.  But that did not last long.
He was ready to play and seem to be enjoying himself.  To my surprise he really seems to like it and is doing well.  Learning to through and catch, which he is not so good at yet, and even hit the ball.

He is doing well and always seems to be with it and watching what is going on.

And look at this face, does it not just say "I am having fun!"  What more can I say.

The coach is great too.  He take his time and works with each kid.  O really likes Coach Tim which is another big thing too.

He is becoming such a little boy and the fact that he is playing a sport makes him even bigger in my eyes.  I am glad we signed him up.  He seems to like it and is asking every day if he has Tball practice.

Opening Day is tomorrow!  I know he does not know what to think.  He has already expressed that he does not want to wear his uniform but I think once he gets it on and gets there with all the kids he will have just as much fun as he has had at the practice.  Now if the rain will just hold off till the afternoon so we can get the parade in.

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  1. ow fun - love T-Ball. And this means baseball games and hotdogs!