Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Day!

     Yesterday was opening day for O's baseball league.  There were no games, funny how they called it opening day, but a parade and lots of games.  What was nice was that they had games for the big kids and then the same games for the little ones to.  Now this was all new for O so of course we had a hard time getting him in the uniform.
Thank goodness Grandma showed up and was able to get the boy's socks on so we could get out the door.

  Once we got there he warmed right up and jumped in on the activities.

Wow he looks like such a little baseball player, or I should say wow he looks so big!

The team has this really neat banner to carry in the parade and hang at their games.

The parents that can do this are much better than I am.  I am very glad I did not volunteer to do the banner.
Once we were finished doing the activities it was time to line up for the parade.  So I left O with the coach on a field filled with coaches and kids hoping that I would see him walking with the coach in the parade.  I even told O to stay right with Coach Tim and don't leave his side.  He listened because that is his little head sticking up from the banner right next to Coach Tim.
   The weather did seem to hold off so we could get everything in.  There were periods of rain but nothing very hard or very long.  At one point I did get worried though.  So Little B, who had been riding along on daddy's back, found a place under the bleachers to stay dry.
   I think one of my most favorite times of the day was when we went to pick up O from the parade he came running up to his daddy's arms and there was Dad holding both is boys, one on his back and one on the front.

You have to love opening day!

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