Saturday, June 11, 2011

The last game

     Today was O's last T-ball game.  As I sat and cheered him on I found myself surprised at the mixed emotions that  I had.  I was proud, excited and sad all at the same time. 

  He has really come to enjoy the game.  I think that he really likes the team aspect of it and it has helped him grow and mature so much over these last 3 months.   He has also really gotten good at the physical aspect of the game and he has gotten such a sense of pride in himself.

  Here he is hitting the ball that the coach pitched to him.  He did it twice this game! He was so excited that he did it you could see it on his face.

  Look at that face, he is smiling from ear to ear!  I love it and will miss it this summer.  It was fun to watch him learn, grown and love a sport that keeps him active.

   Now O did not just get this excitement from playing the game.  It was his coach that taught him it.  Coach Tim was great.  He loved the game and loved working with the kids and you could tell.  It is just like seeing that teacher that just loves what they do.  Their students then love what they are doing too. 

  Coach Tim was excited to be at every practice and game, which is what made O excited to be there too.  Don't get me wrong there were days, every game day to be up front with you, that O did not want to go; but  once we got there Coach Tim came through and got O on that field and having a great time.  He ran the bases with the kids and cheered them on when they did a good job.  He would real them in when they were lost in the out field and pump them up keeping them in the game.  He taught them what it was like to be on a team and to be a good team player.  We will miss Coach Tim and all that he has done for O.

    So today was the end of T - ball and I am not sure that O understands that.  I am proud of how much he has learn, excited to see him having so much fun and sad to know that for the time being it is going away.  Lets just hope that O gets another good coach next year.  The bar has been set high by Coach Tim.

   Go Mudcats!!!! 

  Here is to a great new season next year.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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