Wednesday, August 24, 2011


   Yes that is right.  A earthquake in Maryland.  It was yesterday, but I had a busy day so I am just getting around to writing about it. 
     Now living in Maryland I never thought about earthquakes.  The just don't happen, right?  That is how I see it.  In fact I was under the impression that there were no faults under this side of the country so we were good.  Well I was wrong.

     We were at the pool when it hit.  In fact we were getting ready to come home.  It had been a day with the boys and I was looking forward to nap time when we got home. I was sitting on a lounge chair putting Little B's diaper on when I felt the first little movement.  At first I thought the chair was going to flip over and we would have round three with my injured back.  But I was wrong.  My next thought was a large truck just passed by, but I did not hear anything.  Then the ground beneath my feet felt like it was rolling.  It felt like I was on a boat, but I was not.  O was standing just a few feet away from me, saying "mommy what is going on?  Why is the ground shaking."  I looked at this man who was working at the pool, and he said "that's an earthquake."  I shook my head yes and he ran and cleared the swimmers from the pool.

  It was only about 20 seconds long and it was done.  I don't think I was scared, but excited and weirded out.  I finish packing the kids up, we got dressed and headed home.  The part that I did not like was that I was unable to get a hold of my hubby.  The phones were not working. We were right across the street from where he works but I could not see anyone leaving the building when we drove off so I headed home thinking it was no big deal.  It took 45 minutes before I got a hold of him.  He was fine.  It just unnerved me to not be able to get a hold of him.

All in all I have to say I survived an earthquake.  It was an experience.  It was only a 5.8, I can only imagine what something bigger would feel like.  I have to say I don't want to know.  I am good with the one we had.  I don't needed to know what any larger earthquake feels like, nor do I need to experience one again.  Done check that off the list of things I have done in my lifetime.

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