Friday, September 2, 2011


  Well we made it.  We prepared and then waited for it to come.  It seemed like forever for it to come.  On Saturday we did some last minute shopping and a stop at the park to run some energy off.  Then the storm hit.   We made it through. We lost power Saturday evening after we had dinner, got the baths done and even watched a movie before bedtime for the kids.  I was up most the night just watching the trees in our back yard.  I was hoping they would all stay in place and they did.  I will have to say is was scary.  But we made it with only a mess and now power.

We lost power for 83 hours.  That was a long time.  But we had a small generator that my in laws let us use so we could power the fridge and freezer. We were even able to hook up a tv and the cable so we had contact with the outside world.  That helped.  But we did a lot of family time playing which was good.

 83 hours of no power got old.  It was just a pain in the but, I had to make sure I was home to babysit the generator and I had a hard time starting it.  But the weather was wonderful, so we did not need to use the air conditioner.  That was great since we had no power.  As the time went on I just reminded myself of how lucky we were.  We had a house, our family, and a generator to help keep some power.  We were not in the same place as our neighbors who were not as lucky as we were.

  They were lucky that no one was hurt, but the house is not doing so well.  So I made sure not to complain during this whole time, since I am really lucky. 

The power is back on and life is getting back to normal.  I hurt my back trying to start the generator and that is getting better.  The house is almost back to normal and it is quiet outside, which is wonderful.  I would have to say the noise from all the generators was unreal and now it is quiet and I love it.

So for now good bye to Irene.  Hopefully she will be the only storm to hit use this year, but who knows.

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